Maintenance of cedar shingles

Published: 15th June 2009
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Cedar shingles are definitely the best roofing options available in the market and they can easily suit the requirements of the modern bungalows and the traditional homes. But this is a very true fact that like any other natural elements you will need to put in care and time to maintain and restore the cedar shingles.

Before installing the cedar shingles make sure they are treated properly with chemicals as this increases the durability of the shingles. Creosote solution is the most popularly used option for the red cedar shingles. But white cedar needs treatment with bleaching oil and it increases the lifetime up to 7 years.

If you have cedar shingles installed at the roofs since long, this is high time to restore them. If the shingles were painted then the first step should be removal of the paint. For this you can use the pressure washing method. But at times this particular method does not work well on the sawn cedar surface because it is rough and coarse. There are few other ways as well which include "chemical stripping" and "corn blasting". After you are done with the bleaching procedure you will need to brush off the thin fibers that come out from the wood. It can also be done using sand paper.

Once the cedar shingles are cleaned and the paints are removed you can apply a stain on them. Almost all of the home owners prefer to use the transparent stain. This way they are able to take a close look at the grains and knots of the wood. The stains are available in various forms like solid, semi-solid etc. The stain should be applied on the cedar shingles after every 3 years and the paint should be redone after a gap of 6 years.

Motor oil is also considered a great option for the restoration of cedar shingles. In fact this is a much affordable method as the cost involved is nominal compared to the other processes. The motor oil is available in almost all small and big car repair shops and as a matter of fact you can get the oil for free as it is pretty cheap. It needs no hard work to apply the oil on the shingles and you can do it on your own. Take some oil in a container and soak a rag in it. The motor oil is black in color and for this reason right after the application the shingles look slightly dark. But after they are left exposed to the climate, gradually they will regain the actual color and look natural.

Now if you are using any wooden element for the structuring of your house they will require regular maintenance. The cedar shingles are no exception. But when it comes to look and longevity, cedar shingles can assure you the best. So use them without any hesitation for the new houses; just take care of the regular restoration and retain the natural wooden beauty for years.

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